I was craving to experiment with new materials after working in fashion and costume design trying to find my way in life. I knew that I wanna work with my hands, learning different handicrafts, and realize this project ethically and sustainably only.

Baby steps
When I moved to Vienna I found a small shop just around the corner from my apartment that provides lots of second-hand tools, materials, and the nicest saleslady who would help me out. For me, it was a signpost. My workshop at home was growing, and I kept on learning how to work with silver. Oni was born. 

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Sustainability & Ethics
When it comes to materials, I use recycled silver only. Down below, find a list of the certificates my supplier provides for quality and an ethical, social, and environmentally-friendly business. When it comes to pearls or stones, I am using upcycled ones only. I am trying to use as little package as possible to avoid producing more trash again. And I am always hunting for new possibilities to make it better and more sustainable. 

Recycled and responsibly sourced materials-looking good on you!

Our Vienna based supplier provides the following certifications:

ISO 9001 (Quality)
ISO 13485 (Medical Device)
ISO 14001 (Environmental Protection)
ISO 45001 (Health and Safety)
ISO 50001 (Energy Management)
Responsible Care (Health, Safety, Environment)
RC Global Charter (Stewardship Commitment, Transperancy, Sustainability)
RJC Responsible Jewellery Council Code of Practices (ethical, social and environmentally-friendly business)
RJC Chain of Custody (conflict-free supply chain)
RMI Responsible Minerals Initiative (C
onflict-free supply chain)
Fairmined (accredited retailer)

Come visit our studio and get inspired!

Maria-Lassnig-Strasse 33/2.03, 1100 Vienna